Friday, September 6, 2013

Steelhead below projections

Steelhead run below projections: "Just like the spring chinook run that preceded it, the steelhead return is showing signs of not living up to preseason predictions. A regional group of salmon and steelhead managers recently downgraded the run forecast by 27 percent," said Eric Barker, Outdoor Writer for "The Lewiston Tribune."

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Below is a screen shot of Eric's article as it appears on Page B5 of the September 6th edition of "The Post-Register" in Idaho Falls.

IDFG Springfield Hatchery Dedicated.

The IDFG Springfield Hatchery will be dedicated at 11 am, September 6th. According to an IDFG news release, the Springfield Hatchery "will take the recovery of Snake River sockeye to a higher level."

Bonneville Power Administration provided $13.5-million to renovate a former trout hatchery near Springfield, Idaho. "This additional incubation and rearing space will move the sockeye recovery effort from the conservation phase to a re-colonization phase where emphasis will be on returning increasing numbers of ocean-run adults to use in hatchery spawning and to release to the habitat for natural spawning," according to the IDFG News Release.

Rocky Barker, columnist for "The Idaho Statesman" said, "a portion of those (sockeye) will be allowed to spawn naturally or be transplanted to Alturus, Pettit and eventually Yellowbelly and Stanley lakes to spawn."

"So, if 10,000 fish eventually return, fishermen might one day be allowed to catch up to 5,000 "surplus" fish in Sawtooth lakes and rivers," Barker also noted.


North Fork Energy gifted the property to the Idaho Fish and Wildlife Foundation in 2005, which in turn formally transferred ownership to IDFG in 2010 as part of a larger plan to increase the sockeye salmon population in Idaho.

Source: (See Pages 15-17)

Planning and design for the Springfield Hatchery has been underway since at least 2010. The hatchery's freshwater source will utilize a 50 cubic feet per second spring discharge.

The public is welcome to attend tomorrow's dedication on the north side of American Falls Reservoir. Here are the directions: The address is 1830W 950S, Springfield. From State Highway 39, one mile east of Springfield, turn south on Judge Road – S 1800 W, about 1½ miles, then west on Edwards Road to the hatchery on the north side of the road. (See map above.)