Friday, August 30, 2013

Steelhead Run Update

Here's a quick look at the steelhead numbers coming over four dams during the past week. The total run-to-date is at the bottom of each graph as well as the 10-year average. We have included The Salmon River flow at both Shoup and Salmon, Idaho.  River flows are running well below average.

 Tam Ambrose at The Village of North Fork told us this morning, "People are keeping a close eye on the fish count and have explanations (low water, warm water, etc.) for any fluctuation. The general consensus is that counts are below average, but better than last year. For us, the most important factor is the weather. Every fishermen is an optimist and even when counts are low, they are sure they’ll catch one…but if the weather is bad on the weekends, they tend to stay home."

Our contact at the IDFG Salmon Region Office thinks this upcoming fall steelhead season might be slightly better than last year.  The first weekly IDFG Steelhead report will be released October 7th.  (You can click on any graphic to see a slightly larger version.)

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