Saturday, June 22, 2013

Trout stocking in full swing

As you can see from the above official IDFG report released June 20, trout stocking is once again in full swing for the summer season.  The Salmon River received a total of 4,000 fish!  The popular Valley Creek to Yankee Fork stretch received the most fish.  Not surprisingly, that stretch receives the most fishing pressure, especially near any place where parking is safe and the river is easy to access.  The 1,200 trout stocked between Hell Roaring Bridge and Redfish Lake Creek will be somewhat more difficult for fishermen to find as access is somewhat more spotty.  Typically, the first river stocking of the year features large quantities of fish to jump start the trout fishing season.  Note that the Yankee Fork Dredge Pond received a large allotment of the hatchery-raised trout.  This spot is very popular with Families and their children.  For those wishing a more out-of-the-way fishing experience, Little Bayhorse Lake is looking good with the placement of 1,000 trout there.

Meanwhile, as of June 20, 303 chinook salmon have returned to the Sawtooth Hatchery!  Visitors can watch the clearing of the chinook trap each morning at 9 am.  This is an exciting daily activity as Sawtooth Hatchery Staff work together quickly in a carefully choreographed manner to safely process the incoming brood stock.  The Hatchery's brood stock goal this year is roughly 900-950 fish.  IDFG Fisheries biologists are optimistic the Sawtooth Hatchery to meet its 2013 brood stock goal but are on record as stating they don't think the Pahsimeroi will meet its brood stock goal.

The Sawtooth Hatchery also gives daily tours at 1:30 pm each day. For 62 recent photos of chinook trapping and processing, visit the Sawtooth Hatchery's Facebook page:

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