Tuesday, June 11, 2013

No salmon season

Note the 10-year-avg. number on this graph is not correct for June 10.  See the DART data below.
As of June 11, IDFG Fisheries Staff does not plan to recommend any chinook salmon fishing season on The Upper Salmon River. There will not be a recommendation for a "Jacks Only" season and there will be no fishing for any adult chinook salmon. IDFG Fisheries Staff is concerned the Pahsimeroi Hatchery may not reach its broodstock goal of 700 adult fish. Staff projects the Sawtooth Hatchery will probably reach its broodstock goal of 900-950 fish.

IDFG Fisheries Staff decided against a "Jacks Only" season because of the likelihood that anglers would inevitably have some impact on the adult chinooks as well. Adult chinook salmon run numbers over Lower Granite Dam continue to disappoint and are well below both pre-season projections and the 10-year-average. Adults numbers are almost a third below the 10-year-average.  So far, as of June 10, 32,028 adults have crossed Lower Granite versus the 10-year-average of 47,387 for that date.

This season's early peak at Lower Granite occurred on May 12 when 2501 chinook adults were counted.  The 10-year-average peak is on May 19th.

Jack numbers are more than double the 10-year-average.  IDFG Fisheries Staff considered a "Jacks Only" season during the past few weeks.  However, as adult numbers continued to lag the 10-year-average, concern grew about making broodstock goals at the Pahsimeroi and Sawtooth Hatcheries.  IDFG Staff weighed the potential impact of "jack fishing" on the dwindling adult population and decided not to pose additional risks to the returning adults.

We will check back with the IDFG Fisheries Staff again in the middle of next week.

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