Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Dugout Dick Dedication

The legendary Dugout Dick died over 3 yeas ago. All traces of his famous caves were obliterated by the BLM. Richard Zimmerman was buried in Illinois. After he and his caves were gone, there was nothing to help people who anything about a modest man who made a major mark.

Finally, a modest memorial is in place and it will be formally dedicated at 11 am Friday, June 7, during the Salmon Riverfest event. Working with Salmon High School art students and urged on by an ardent Dugout Dick fan, the BLM prepared and installed three interpretive signs in the area where Dugout once cultivated his garden.

The signs tell Dugout's story in a short but compelling manner and are a fine beginning to continuing efforts to memorialize The Life & Times of Mr. Zimmerman. The public is invited to the Friday event. However, RSVPs are needed due to the limited access and parking.

The Dedication will feature short remarks by BLM Salmon Field Office Director Linda Price, Lemhi County Historical Society Director Hope Benedict and Salmon Riverfest organizer, Russ Chinske. John Parsons will Emcee the event and also be on hand afterwards to videotape any stories attendees wish to tell about their memories of Dugout Dick.

If you wish to attend the event, please send an email to Roger Plothow indicating your interest:

There is an extensive "back story" regarding events and the process that lead to Friday's dedication. The "back story" is far too complex to summarize here.

We will leave it to motivated readers to delve into the "back story" on their own with these two links.

The first is an article on Dugout Dick we did back in May 2012. It describes what kicked off this chain of events.


The second link is Roger Plothow's website on Dugout Dick. By understanding the initial circumstances (via the link above) and then digging deep into Roger's website linked below, astute readers will be able to grasp the flow of circumstances which played a role in bringing Friday's dedication to fruition.


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