Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Chances "iffy" for chinook salmon season

The Chinook salmon run numbers over Lower Granite Dam are well below pre-season forecasts. IDFG Fisheries biologists are watching numbers closely and may know by June 10 whether they might recommend a very limited chinook fishing season.

Run numbers are 33% below the ten year average at Lower Granite. Jack numbers are somewhat higher and there is a possibility of a limited "jacks-only" season. No decisions have been made by IDFG Fisheries Staff at this time. Any discussion of a possible season is purely speculative at this time.

If IDFG Staff decides to recommend either a limited chinook or a "jacks only" season, the recommendation would have to be approved by the IDFG Commission. Typically, the Commission uses a conference call meeting to vote on any such recommendation.

It's possible the IDFG Fisheries Staff might know by June 10th whether they plan to recommend or not recommend a salmon fishing season on one or more sections of The Upper Salmon River.

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