Friday, June 28, 2013

4,000 Trout Stocked in River

Anne Blackwood
IDFG Staff at the Stanley-area Sawtooth Hatchery have been busy lately. When The Salmon River finally dropped down to a decent "summertime fishing level," IDFG went into overdrive to stock trout at various points from Hell Roaring Creek downriver to Slate Creek in the Sawtooth Nat'l Recreation Area.

This week alone, 4,000 of the stocker trout were released into the river.  That brings the season total to 8,000!  In addition, hundreds more were placed in the two kid's ponds at the Hatchery and Squaw Creek, as well as another 1,500 total in Valley Creek.

Meanwhile, IDFG Hatchery Staff quite literally have their hands full clearing the chinook salmon trap each day.  Returning salmon numbers in the trap have been as high as 108.  Even on a slow day, Staff will process dozens of the fish each morning at 9 am.  This year Anne Blackwood is onboard preparing the trout stocking notices, putting together daily trap reports, updating the Sawtooth Hatchery's fine facebook page and taking lots of fine fotos of all the chinook salmon action.  We are grateful for Anne's enthusiastic approach to keeping us all informed about the activities taking place during the Hatchery "busy season."

The latest stocking report is below.  Here is the Hatchery's Facebook Page:
(You can click the image below to see a larger, more readable version.)

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