Thursday, May 23, 2013

Top Ten Topics Ahead

Greetings, Dear Readers!  Thank You for your support for this website. Most folks consider Memorial Day weekend as the "official" beginning of the Summer Season.   As summer begins, it's a good time to talk about  the Top Ten Topics coming up on this website in the weeks ahead.

First and foremost--Chinook Salmon.  As of May 22, the chinook run across Lower Granite continues to decline from an apparent May 18th peak.  Run numbers are now 25+ percent below the 10-year average.  Will there be a chinook salmon fishing season on The Salmon River?  That's the #1 question of most folk's minds.  We will try to provide as much coverage of that question as possible.  Likewise, if a season is declared we will cover it in better detail than we did last summer.

Second--Trout Stocking.  The kiddie ponds at the Sawtooth Hatchery and Squaw Creek have been stocked.  However, full scale trout stocking of The Upper Salmon River and Sawtooth lakes won't begin until early June.  IDFG plans to hire a public affairs staff person for the Sawtooth Hatchery.  We'll have a lot more information on the trout as soon as that person comes on board.

Third--Riverfest.  This year's Riverfest promises to be the best yet.  We're going to be there for all three days and we'll have lots of coverage of all aspects of this headliner event beginning with the Dugout Dick Dedication Friday and ending with the Sunday Play Day through Pine Creek Rapid to Panther Creek.

Fourth--Access and River Info.  This summer we plan to organize a better presentation of all the various public access areas and begin to provide a detailed description of what to expect when paddling various stretches of the river.

Fifth--Water  and Weather.  River flows and climate are two staples of this website so you can expect regular doses of both.

Sixth--Fire Season.  Experts say The Salmon River watershed is expected to see above normal fire danger in July and August.  We will keep you posted on how the build up to the annual fire season evolves as well as frequently-updated coverage of any fires that may burn in the area.

Seventh--Federal Projects.  The Yankee Fork Rehabilitation Project is high on our list of story topics for the upcoming summer.  Likewise, things are moving along on the proposed Thompson Creek Mining/BLM land exchange involving the 775-acre Broken Wing Ranch alongside the Salmon River at Lyon Creek.  Undoubtedly, there will be other federal projects and proposals to write about this summer.

Eighth--Events and Organizations.  Each summer provides a veritable cornucopia of community events from Stanley to North Fork.  We hope to do a better describing and covering them.  Likewise, we're planning to put the spotlight on numerous non-profit and community organizations that play a role in The Salmon River's history and culture.

Ninth--People.  If our schedule permits, we'd sure like to feature various Salmon River People this summer.  Not long ago, Idaho's famous Salmon River was defined as much by the hermits and colorful eccentrics who lived in cabins, caves and other strange places along the winding river's shore. Today, The Salmon River's cultural present and future are being defined and shaped by a new generation of women and men who are bringing fresh Heart & Soul to this timeless place. Who are these people?  Where are they from?  Why did they come to The Salmon River?  What makes them tick?  Why are they notable?

Tenth--Business.  A kaleidoscope of businesses from Stanley to North Fork help make The Salmon River a fun and family-friendly place to visit.  This summer, we're going to write about many of these businesses.

Recently, we summarized our first year in operation and listed other goals and objectives as well.  You may wish to revisit that article.  Many of the Top Ten above overlap with items we discussed earlier this month.

It's going to be a great season. Let The Summer Fun begin.  Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Many Cheers, John Parsons, Editor.

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