Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Challis Messenger's "Central Idaho Guide"

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Since 2010, "The Challis Messenger" has released a "Central Idaho Guide" the week before Memorial Day. The annual tabloid publication always contains a reader's buffet of interesting, entertaining, educational information. This year's fourth annual "Central Idaho Guide" is the best yet, serving up an eclectic selection of topics including Dr. Falma Moye's article "How Rivers Work"; a detailed look at Nick Bertram's brewery; and a riveting read entitled "Snow Prison" by David Kimpton.  Even the ads are interesting and informational in the "Central Idaho Guide."

"The Challis Messenger" Editor Anna Means said, "This issue, like all editions we crank out every week, is a snapshot in time of our lives in this unique and beautiful spot."

"Too often, the health of a community is measured by money.  That is a narrow gauge and ignores what makes life worthwhile.  People and how they live together is what enriches us from the wealthiest to the poorest realms, " Ms. Means explained, "We hope these pages give you an idea of why we feel enriched in our neck of the woods."

The 2013 "Central Idaho Guide" was included with the May 23rd edition of "The Challis Messenger."  It is available free throughout the summer at various Salmon River Country businesses and Chambers of Commerce.
Here's how Editor Anna Means describes the "Central Idaho Guide."

Bugs, Editor Anna Means and Reporter Todd Adams take a break on Challis Main Street.  Anna says, "Bugs is a stray that showed up at the office one July evening and adopted me."  Anna has been at "The Challis Messenger since 1991 and served as Editor since 2008.  Todd began writing as a relief reporter 17 years ago and has been full-time since 2005.

"The Challis Messenger" is available by paid mail or online subscription.

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