Monday, May 13, 2013

Salmon River Area Campground Status

Here's Your Sign.
Public developed camping areas are all open from North Fork upriver to the Sawtooth National Recreation Area (SNRA) boundary near Thompson Creek.

All of the BLM and IDFG camping areas along the river can be utilized but may not have running water or a camp host yet.  Typically, these camping areas receive little, if any, usage between the end of steelhead season April 30 and Memorial Day weekend.

About 90% of the SNRA campgrounds are closed, gated and locked.  As of mid-May, only the Whiskey Flats, Mormon Bend and Salmon River campgrounds were officially open.  Upper O'Brien is officially closed but can be used since it is not gated.  During our visit to The Upper Salmon River May 8-10, we observed only one RV camper along the river and no tent campers elsewhere.

Most SNRA campgrounds are managed  under a special-use permit by Scenic Canyons Recreational Services, Inc., Hyrum, Utah.  Currently, the company's web links for SNRA campgrounds are not functioning. Many of Scenic Canyons' camp hosts were in the process of moving in last week.
Redfish Lake overflow area.

The only camping area open near Stanley is an area known as the Redfish Lake Overflow Area.  This area has an improved main road and a pit toilet. There are other dispersed camping areas along the river for four miles above Stanley and 27 miles below Stanley.  Only camp sites with a fire ring and a carsonite sign are legal to occupy. Most of the dispersed campsites are adjacent to Highway 75, have marginal parking and may not have a sanitation facility nearby.

Here is the SNRA's schedule for opening its Sawtooth/Salmon area campgrounds and day use facilities:

Opening May 17
  • Redfish Outlet Campground (CG) & Outlet Day Use and Beach
  • Red Fish North Shore Picnic & Beach
  • Mt. View CG
  • Chinook Bay CG
  • Casino Creek CG
  • Upper O'Brien CG
  • Lower O'Brien CG
  • Holman Creek CG
Opening May 24
  • Sockeye CG
  • Sandy Beach Boat Ramp
  • Glacier View CG
  • Point CG and Point Day use and beach
  • Sunny Gulch CG
  • Stanley Lake CG
  • Stanley Lake Inlet CG
  • Elk Creek CG
  • Pettit Lake CG
Opening May 31
  • Alturas Lake Tent Area
  • Alturas Lake Picnic Area
  • Smokey Bear CG and Smokey Bear Boat Ramp and Picnic Area
  • North Shore CG
  • Alturas Inlet CG and Alturas Inlet Beach and Picnic Area
Opening June 7
  • Redfish Inlet CG
  • Mt. Heyborn CG
  • Riverside CG
  • Iron Creek CG
  • Lake View CG
  • Chemeketan CG

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