Tuesday, May 28, 2013

East Fork Bridge Project Postponed

The much-anticipated East Fork Bridge Project may not get underway during the 2013 construction season.

The lowest bid by Knife River of $7.1-million was $1.4-million higher than the ITD Engineer's cost estimate of $5.7-million.  ITD plans to rebid the project possibly as early as sometime in June.

ITD District 6 Public Information Specialist Bruce King said, "The East Fork bridge project will probably not be taking place this season."

The bid deadline was May 14.  King said there were 5 bidders.  Other bids ranged upwards of $8-million.  King did not know when the rebid deadline would be or when the bids would be analyzed after the deadline.  He also did not know if the specifications would be changed for the new bidding process.

The East Fork bridge project will construct two new bridges adjacent to and on the south side of the existing Highway 75 bridges over the East Fork and The Salmon River.

If a followup call, King said it's possible the project could start late in the construction season, depending on when any bid might be awarded.

There has been much local concern and discussion about how the East Fork bridge project would impact boating traffic on The Salmon River.  Also, concerns have been raised about the project's possible impact on the public access site immediately down river from the Salmon River Bridge.

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