Sunday, May 26, 2013

Chinook Salmon Run Status

Time once again for another look at the Spring Chinook Salmon Run numbers at Lower Granite Dam. The run numbers so far appear to be well below the 10-year-average. Meanwhile, as best as we can determine, only nine Sawtooth Hatchery PIT-tagged fish have been detected passing Lower Granite Dam. Here are some data tables so you can see the numbers for yourself. (Short notes appear with each graphic.)

Above is the most recent available graphic showing chinook passage at Lower Granite Dam.
Below is the first of two gaphics showing the daily run numbers at Lower Granite since May 1.
The first column is the actual daily run of Adult Chinook for a date.
The second column is the ten year average for Adult Chinook on that date.
The third column is the actual daily run of Jack Salmon for a date.
The fourth column is the 10 year average for Jack Salmon on that date.
As you can see from the data above, the Chinook run so far is lagging the 10 year average for by 30%.
For perspective, the total annual numbers logged past Lower Granite Dam since 1975 are below.

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