Saturday, April 13, 2013

Stanley Area Steelhead Report

Our contacts in the Stanley area indicate steelhead fishing success varies according to the weather and water temperatures.  So far, there's no reports of excessively cloudy or muddy water, although the water has dirtied up from time-to-time.

Steelhead returns to the Sawtooth Hatchery are running strong during April.  The IDFG website reports the Sawtooth Hatchery has received 2,739 steelhead as of April 11.  Approx 2,300 of those have been trapped so far this month, including 950 fish on Monday and 450 on Thursday.  Hatchery Staff noted quite a few fish in the 28-30 inch range.

This week has been rather cold in the Stanley area and a few inches of snow covered the vicinity Saturday morning.  Not too many fishermen have been out in the colder weather but 10 vehicles were noted at Buckhorn Bridge Friday afternoon.

In late March, the afternoon water temperatures generally reached the low 40 degree range.  Despite the cooler temps lately, the afternoon water temps have averaged over 46 degrees so far during April. At left is a graphic showing the daily minimum and maximum water temps for the first 11 days of April in the Stanley area.

Our contacts report occasional good fishing 10-15 miles downriver from Stanley, mostly with jigs.

The Pahsimeroi Hatchey has trapped 3,194 steelhead this season and 386 steelhead have been trapped at the East Fork weir.

Below is the latest IDFG steelhead trapping summary:
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Here is the IDFG data page:

Below is the graph on how the Sawtooth twice-weekly trapping has been going this season.

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