Monday, April 1, 2013

IDFG Steelhead Report #7

Weekend creel surveys once again depicted The Salmon River above The East Fork to be the most productive fishing. Seventy-four anglers checked caught a total of 48 fish, 17 more than the combined total of fish caught in all other sections surveyed over the weekend.  In last weekend's report, 66 anglers checked in Section 19 caught 43 fish.

Weekend data indicates Section 17 (Lemhi River to Pahsimeroi River) had the heaviest fishing pressure with 177 anglers checked.

Brent Beller
According to Brent Beller, IDFG Salmon Region Fisheries Technician, "This weekend on the upper Salmon River, the majority of anglers were found either around the confluence of the Pahsimeroi River or further upstream, near the mouth of the Yankee Fork."

Beller noted, "Compared to the weekend before, the fishing was erratic with the catch rates varying greatly between river sections.  No steelhead were reported caught in section 14, and in section 15, anglers averaged 55 hours per steelhead. Section 16 had the best catch rate of the weekend at 7 hours per steelhead, but not many interviews were obtained due low angler pressure within the section."

"Upriver in sections 17 and 18, anglers averaged 43  and  124 hours per steelhead caught, respectively," Beller wnet on, adding, "Section 19 received the most angler pressure for the weekend and is where anglers caught the most steelhead. A total of 48 steelhead were reported caught, with anglers averaging 13 hours per steelhead."
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