Friday, April 5, 2013

Bent Rod Steelhead Report #3

As the 2013 Challis Area Chamber of Commerce Steelhead Derby heads for its 5 pm April 6th finish line, Dustin Webster of The Bent Rod Outdoors reports, "As of right now the odds are 'supper good' to win a New Hyde Contender, as there are still quite a few boat tickets to be sold."

 "The Big fish Derby is anyone's game right now," Dustin said, noting "The entries we have pale in comparison to the fish of the last few years."

 "That being said its looking like a good time to be had at the Ball," Dustin added, "There's lots of Rods, Reels, and Full Combos that are up for Bid and raffle and we have a few firearms to raffle off as well. We're looking at having a good time for a good purpose."

"As for the fishing report, there is good news and bad," Dustin said. "Last Week the fishing was spotty at best. Our water has come up about a foot in the last few days and the water has some color to it but is still completely fishable with about two feet visibility," Dustin explained.

 "The Pahsimeroi hatchery received about a thousand fish last week so we should have some new blood in the area," Dustin observed.

 "We are looking at a decent cold front pushing through the state that should stem any more run-off and let the river drop a little which should stall the fish and make for some decent fishing. Folks are still doing well with single egg paterns,Roe and drift fishing flies," Dustin concluded.

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