Monday, March 25, 2013

Stanley Steelhead Report

We have various sources in the Stanley area.  Here's what we have been hearing from some of our sources recently.

The buzz we mostly hear from Stanley is "no buzz."  Nothing seems to be happening on the far upper reaches of The Salmon River.

However, there is a bright spot!  One insider we know reported The Sawtooth Hatchery's first steelhead sorting day yielded over 100  fish.  Although the longest was about 30 inches,  most were in the 18-22 inch range.  That's pretty impressive.

Fishing has been very slow in the Stanley vicinity.  In fact, one of our knowledgeable sources there said, " I haven't heard of any fishing done in the Stanley area so far."

Much speculation and gossip continues about how The Salmon River is going to respond when the snow starts to melt.  Savvy observers from the Stanley area are saying Basin Creek and The Yankee Fork are going to kick up some serious muddy conditions by about mid-April.

As everyone knows, the higher up the river you go, the colder the water gets.  Right now it's running about 35 degrees near Stanley, barely above freezing.

Based on the hundred fish that made it to the Hatchery, perhaps steelheaders are missing a bet by not fishing a little higher upriver from Sunbeam!

Thanks to all our sources for their keen insights into this report!  Many Cheers & Happy Fishing.

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