Saturday, March 16, 2013

North Fork Steelhead Report

(Update @ 4 PM 3/16/13) "Just received word that the river isn't as muddy below Deadwater. Fishermen are headed that direction."

Saturday afternoon, Tam Ambrose of The Village at North Fork reported "The river from North Fork to Salmon is pretty muddy. Consequently, we've seen a big reduction in the number of fishermen and those that are fishing aren't reporting a lot of success."

"Between North Fork and town, I only saw two boats on the water earlier and the number of vehicles parked at the river access points was less than half of last weekend's numbers. I did see several arriving "Killer B's" (8B, 4B, 1B, etc. plates) and am hoping the river clears up soon so I have more to report," Tam concluded.

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