Monday, March 18, 2013

IDFG Steelhead Report #5

Steelhead fishing has finally improved upriver from The East Fork. IDFG Creel Survey Staff checked 56 anglers above The East Fork who reported 34 fish caught in 281 "angling hours."

Over the past four IDFG reports, an average of only 8 steelhead fishermen were checked above The East Fork each week.  During the four prior weekly reporting periods, total fish caught averaged only 2.25 fish.

Last week, for example, only 11 anglers were checked above The East Fork and they reported a total of four fish caught.  As IDFG Salmon Region Fisheries Technician Brent Beller observed, "The best catch rate for the weekend was found further upstream in section 19. There, water visibility was better and anglers averaged 8 hours per steelhead caught."

The 34 fish caught in the area upriver from The East Fork topped the total of 30 fish caught in the popular Middle Fork to North Fork Section 15.  Stated another way, less than half as many steelheaders caught more fish above The East Fork in less than half the time fishermen spent on the popular Middle Fork to North Fork stretch.

Beller said, "Fishing this past weekend on the upper Salmon River was slow. Downstream of its confluence with the Lemhi River, the Salmon River was muddy which most likely caused the weekend catch rates to decline."

"The catch rates for sections 14 and 15 were 43 and 22 hours per steelhead, while in section 16, it was 21 hours per steelhead," Beller continued, adding,  "The catch rates for Sections 17 and 18 declined from the previous weekend and were  around 52 and 57 hours per steelhead."

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