Monday, March 4, 2013

IDFG Steelhead Report #3

IDFG's Brent Beller

IDFG's Salmon Region Fisheries Technician Brent Beller released the third report of the 2013 Steelhead season.

Beller said, "This weekend on the upper Salmon River, the number of anglers increased, but compared to the week before, the fishing was not as good. The best catch rate was found in section 18 where anglers averaged 11 hours per steelhead."

" Section 19, with a catch rate of 12 hours per steelhead was the second best, while sections 15 and 16 were at 15 and 16 hours per steelhead caught, respectively," Beller continued.  Fishing within sections 14 and 15 was hindered by muddy water conditions due to the Deadwater ice jam breaking apart.

Beller offered some insights into both the Deadwater Ice Jam and ice conditions in general. "As of yesterday (3rd) the ice jam had receded nearly to Deadwater and most likely, it will break up entirely sometime within the next few days," Beller observed.

"Anglers should use caution when fishing on, or next to, the bank ice left behind by the ice jam. This weekend, an angler fishing off of a large piece of bank ice ended up in the river when the ice collapsed and catapulted him into water 8-10 feet deep. During the next couple of weeks many more of these large blocks of bank ice will collapse into the river as they melt, and anglers should keep that in the back of their minds when choosing a safe spot to fish from," Beller advised.
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