Monday, February 25, 2013

North Fork Ice Conditions

We are very grateful to George Ambrose of The Village At North Fork for sending along photos of February 25th ice conditions at the IDFG North Fork River Access Area.  The Deadwater ice jam currently extends upriver to about a half mile downstream from Wagonhammer.  Local observers think the ice jam will probably break up within the next week or two, depending  on whether temperatures trend warmer or continue below freezing.

Here is the view upriver from the North Fork boat ramp taken this morning.
Below is the same scene as photographed August 2nd, 2012.
Here's a photo below of the actual boat ramp itself
The next two photos look downriver from the boat ramp at the blockage of the Deadwater ice jam.
The second photo below is a zoom-in shot of the one above.
Below is the Monday morning (2/25) USGS hydrograph from The Salmon River at Salmon.  The Shoup gauge is messed up by ice right now and not giving an accurate flow reading.  As you can see the Salmon River is right in the ballpark of normal flow for this time of year, running perhaps 5-8% higher than its long term median.

We will continue regular coverage of the Deadwater ice jam
and the status of the North Fork River Access Area.
Many Thanks to George Ambrose of The Village At North Fork for providing these photos.

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