Friday, February 1, 2013

July 1936 National Geographic Magazine

Photo by Dr. Maynard Owen Williams, National Geographic Society
Here is the Captain Harry Guleke photo as it appeared in the July 1936 National Geographic article entitled "Down Idaho's River of No Return."
Below is what we put up on our Facebook about this magazine today.  Note that this post will change often.  Keep checking back about every 12 hours.  It won't look the same.

Our July 1936 National Geographic Magazine arrived in the mail today. We are like Little Ralphie @ Christmas with this treasure trove. The famous "Down Idaho's River of No Return" is 38 pages long and includes 43 illustrations and 2 maps. Some of the B/W photos and narrative snippets are awesome.

You can still find this issue for under $10 on eBay. If you love The Salmon River, you need a copy of this magazine in your own personal library.

The National Geographic Society thought enough of this expedition to send along well known photographer Dr. Maynard Owen Williams. His photos are awesome. His portrait of Captain Harry Guleke is arguably one of the best such formal photos ever taken of the Legendary Salmon River Boatman.

Philip J. Shenon and John C. Reed authored the lengthy article. We've heard about this article for many years and it's now so incredible to finally be holding it in our hands and looking time and again at the pictures and re-reading certain portions.


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