Friday, February 22, 2013

IDFG North Fork River Access Area

As everyone knows, the Spring 2013 Steelhead Season is officially underway. After the Deadwater Ice Jam breaks up, the annual surge of fishermen begins to wash ashore at North Fork, Idaho. As the weather warms, more and more fisherman begin to crowd the banks of The Salmon River, including "old hands" as well as many fishermen visiting for their very first time.

One of IDFG's finest River Access Areas on the Upper Salmon River is located at North Fork, Idaho. It was created through an inspirational public-private partnership between The Village at North Fork and IDFG. The result is an an awesome Access Area that's a great gift to everyone.

Visiting the IDFG North Fork River Access Area can be a little confusing so we put together a photo guide for first-time visitors to this tremendous Access Area. The photos were taken August 2, 2012, so don't expect to see flowers and leafy trees this time of year! We hope this photo guide helps make your first visit a little more fun. Happy Fishing!

(NOTE:  As of this writing - 2/22/13 - The Deadwater Ice Jam is still in place and extends up to about 4th of July.  The North Fork Access Area will not be usable until after the Deadwater Ice Jam is gone and the river is clear.)

The slide show below was created using Google's Picasa.  It requires Adobe Flash Player on your computer.  If it won't play, click the link below the slide show and watch the photos one by one.  Each photo is captioned.  If you want more time in the slide show to read a caption, just double click on the photo.

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