Monday, February 25, 2013

Ice Jam Recedes

Veteran Salmon, Idaho, Weather and Ice Jam Observer Dale Ford reports that The Salmon River ice has receded downriver to a point near the Wagonhammer area.  Ford sent along these great photos showing scenes of February ice conditions on The Salmon River.
This is a scene from just below Carmen 
Ice above 4th of July area.
The Maxwell bridge below 4th of July .
A fine view of Salmon River February ice conditions.
Wagonhammer Jenkins bridge just below Wagonhammer
Styeelhead fisherman in the vicinity of the Towerrock campground.
Thanks, Dale, for taking your time to get these great photos!
Elk near the 4th of July area.
Elk near Northfork  
 Looking downriver, the site of  Dugout Dick's for caves is on the left.
The BLM Waddington River Access Point is on the right.
The Twin Peaks Bridge is in distance.
The top photo is a view of the Morgan Bar BLM Campground and River Access Point.  It is located upriver from where the steep slope at right where meets the flat land.  Below is the same view in January 2013.

Above is the Tower Rock River Access Point looking upriver.
Below is the same view as photographed in July 2012.
Finally, in case you've ever wondered about how the Deadwater area came into existence, 
it's explained quite nicely on the Bobcat Gulch River Access Point interpretive sign  shown below.  
Note that you can click on the sign graphic shown below to bring up a larger, more readable version.

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