Tuesday, February 19, 2013

First Steelhead Weekly Report Released

Brent Beller
IDFG creel survey crews are once again in the field checking with steelhead fishermen along The Salmon River from the South Fork to area upriver from the East Fork. IDFG creel personnel began interviewing anglers on the Upper Salmon River this past Friday, the 15th.

According to the IDFG Salmon Region 7 Office Fisheries Technician Brent Beller, "The most popular river sections for anglers were sections 15 and 17. Section 15 had the best catch rate of the weekend at 9 hours per steelhead caught, while section 17 was at 12 hours per steelhead caught.'

"Angler activity in the rest of the USR sections was minimal, but with improving weather, it most likely won’t stay that way for long," Beller commented.  Beller also noted that boat ramps at the Island Park and the Carmen Bridge have been cleared of ice, but all boat ramps between Morgan Bar and Deadwater are under ice and have not been opened. As of this weekend, the ice jam is still upstream of North Fork around the 4th of July/Bobcat area.

Below is the data spreadsheet produced in conjunction with the weekly report.  Beller will coordinate the preparation and release of a weekly steelhead report each Monday until the steelhead season closes on the upper Salmon at the end of April.
Click on the graphic above to see a larger, much more readable version.

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