Wednesday, February 27, 2013

All eyes on Deadwater Ice Jam

There's been an ever-so-slight change in ice conditions at the North Fork's confluence. 
Locals, visiting fishermen and this website's readers are all asking the same question: 
"When's The Deadwater Jam going to bust loose?"  Speculation varies widely.  
The average date of the Deadwater breakup is said to be February 25th.  
The cold winter extended the Deadwater jam farther upriver than normal.  
The photo above was taken this morning, Wednesday, February 27th.  
The photo below was taken Monday morning, February 25th.
Note that the front edge of this portion of the jam is beginning to break.  
When river ice breaks up, it's a dramatic moment in the river's annual cycle.  
For eager steelhead fishermen it can't come soon enough!
Today's photos are by Brian Martinez.  Monday photos are by George Ambrose.
 All photos are provided courtesy of The Village At North Fork.

 Above is today's view looking downriver from the North Fork Boat Ramp.
Below is Monday's view from the same vantage point.
There's definitely a noticeable difference in just two days.
Note the partially buried picnic table for reference.

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