Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Steelhead updates

IDFG's Brent Beller had this to say in the November 19th weekly steelhead report: "The steelhead fishing on the upper Salmon River improved again this past weekend. Angler effort remained roughly the same or increased slightly in sections 14 through 17, while the hours per fish caught dropped in every section except section 16, which had the same catch rate as last weekend.  Section 14 was at 8 hours per fish, and section 15 was at 7. Sections 16 and 17 were at 7 and 5 hours per fish, respectively. Overall, this was the best weekend of fishing that has been observed this fall."

Here's what Brent had to say last week (see editor's note below): "This past weekend on the upper Salmon River, angler effort decreased in all river sections. This was not surprising considering that it was easily the coldest weekend we have had so far. The anglers that were out, though, enjoyed some of the best fishing that has been observed this fall. Section 16 had the best catch rate for the weekend at 7 hours per fish caught. Section 15 was the next lowest at 10 hours per fish, and section 14 was at 23 hours per fish. Section 14 was the only section to show an increase in hours per fish caught. Due to limited creel personnel this weekend, section 17 was not creeled and only one interview was obtained, but we have received word of steelhead being caught as far upriver as Watts bridge, downstream of Challis. Typically by this time of year the fishing in section 17 begins to pick up considerably, and there is no reason to expect this year to be any different. The weather forecast for the upcoming week looks favorable and hopefully the good fishing we have been experiencing for the past couple of weeks will continue."

Editor's Note:  We apologize for not getting last week's steelhead report up and running on time.  We were traveling to Arizona and simply weren't on the computer for about a week.  Thanks for your patience.  Now that we are situated down here in Snowbird Country, we will pick up the pace of our articles and reports.)

Friday, November 9, 2012

Nov. 5th Steelhead Report (Delayed)

We apologize for getting last weekend's steelhead report posted so late.  There were some temporary staffing duty changes at IDFG.  Anyway, here is what Brent Beller had to say in his report released this past Monday:

“Fishing on the upper Salmon River this weekend stayed about the same compared to the previous one. Sections 14 and 15 had increases in angler effort, while effort was either slightly lower or held steady in sections 16 and 17.  Section 16 had the best observed catch rate for the weekend at 8 hours per fish caught. Sections 14 and 15 were at 14 and 17 hours per fish, and section 17 was at 18 hours per fish. The 8 hours per fish caught in section 16 was the best catch rate that we have observed this fall. Most likely, effort will begin to decline in all sections from this point on due to decreasing temperatures and the possibility of snow in the forecast, but for those who don’t mind a little cold there will still be plenty of good days left for fishing.”

Below is a screenshot of the spreadsheet data.  The formatting is a little skewed but there's nothing we can do about it. You can click on it for a larger version:

Monday, November 5, 2012

SWPA Party Celebrates Agreement

The Salmon Whitewater Park Association (SWPA) staged a "Development Agreement Signing Party" in early November.  Salmon Wave Park Project Manager Breann Westfall said, "The party was very good. We had about 100 people show up, including 2 of the City Council members."

"We hung a huge print out of the actual agreement in the windows - people signed it with colored markers. The event was just simply a party to celebrate the signing of the agreement, not a fundraiser," Ms. Westfall explained.  A raffle was also conducted.

The next SWPA fund raising event will be 6-9 pm New Year's Eve to show the Winter Wildlands Alliance Backcountry Film Fest.   The Winter Wildlands Alliance created the Backcountry Film Festival in 2005 to help grassroots and professional filmmakers to show audiences their love of the winter outdoors. Since then, the annual festival has been shown in many towns and cities around the world, and raised thousands of dollars to help efforts to preserve our winter environment.  A map of Film Fest Tour sites is shown at the bottom of this article.

The party was a busy and fun evening for SWPA members and attendees.  The signing of the Development Agreement is a major step forward in the steady progress toward creation of a firstclass wave park in downtown Salmon, Idaho.

The next regular SWPA Board meeting is  at 5:15 pm, Tuesday, November 6th in the Odd Fellows' Hall.

SWPA organizers enlarged the actual Development Agreement 
so attendees could sign it and also check out the details.
Salmon City Councilman Jesse Bender (left in front group) discusses the Salmon Wave Park.
Tina Cooper, Mike Cooper, Janoa Parde and Deb Westfall (behind Janoa) 
share some of the excitement at the SWPA November 2nd party.
Salmon is some good company with the many other cities on the Backcountry Film Festival Tour.