Monday, October 15, 2012

Mid-October Steelhead Report

The IDFG Salmon Region's Brent Beller released his second steelhead report on October 15.  Here's what he had to say:

"Creel data from this weekend on the upper Salmon River showed that steelhead fishing slowed down slightly compared to the previous weekend. The best hours per fish caught were found in section 14 and were at 19 hours per fish, while section 15 increased to 34 hours per fish and section 16 held steady at 37 hours per fish. Minimal activity was observed in section 17, and no interviews were able to be obtained. Catch rates in all sections were observed dropping during the middle of last week and that trend continued throughout the weekend. Most likely this was due to increasing water temperatures. Last weekend (10/7 & 10/8), the Salmon River was around the mid-40s (Fahrenheit), while this weekend it was closer to the low 50s. Hopefully with some colder overnight lows in the forecast we will see the catch rates start improving as the water temperature decreases again."

It looks like there are a few steelhead being caught.  Here's the data chart.  Click on it to see a larger, more readable version:

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