Thursday, October 4, 2012

Salmon Whitewater Park planning moves forward

(Updated October 4--see paragraphs in bold below.)  The Salmon City Council voted 4-1 September 12th to approve a Development Agreement with the Salmon Whitewater Park Association. Official approval of the agreement marked a major milestone in ongoing efforts to create a whitewater park in downtown Salmon, Idaho.

The Development Agreement will govern Phase 1 of the Salmon Whitewater Park--the pre-
construction Engineering and Permitting Phase, including Designs, Specifications, and other engineering and procurement documents, as may be required to complete an “issued for construction” package. The City will not be responsible for any funding for the Salmon Whitewater Park project.

Salmon Whitewater Park Association Project Manager Breann Westfall said, “We are grateful to the City for their support. This is one small, but very important, step in the overall process. The approval of this agreement allows us to move forward towards obtaining final engineer plannings and submitting our permit applications,”

Above is the Salmon Whitewater Park concept design.
Click the small thumbnail to see a larger, readable version.
The next step in the overall process will be finalizing a Request For Proposals (RFP) to be used to select a firm to prepare the final engineering plans. A draft RFP was developed last winter and spring by the Salmon Valley Stewardship. Salmon City Administrator George Ambrose assisted in developing the RFP. The draft RFP is expected to be reviewed by Salmon City administrators toward the end of October. The Salmon City Council must approve the RFP prior to solicitation of engineering firms.

After the RFP has been reviewed and approved, SWPA will advertise the RFP before the end of the year in Boise, Missoula, and Idaho Falls newspapers. Contacts will also made with engineering firms that have previous whitewater park design experience. SWPA has funds on hand to pay for the advertising and so far has raised about $21,000 toward the estimated overall cost of about $40,000 for the final engineering planning expenses.

“Hopefully by next spring, we’ll have the full funding in place to pay for the Final Engineering Plans and also have the engineering firm selected,” explained Breann Westfall, SWPA Project Manager.

After final engineering plans are completed, the SWPA can begin the permitting process. Regulatory permits will be required from several state and federal agencies before any construction could take place. Currently, SWPA’s efforts will be focused on finalizing the RFP and then seeking additional funds necessary to pay for remaining engineering costs. As the busy summer season winds down, Salmon Whitewater Park Association volunteers will have more time during the upcoming winter to explore various funding options.

SWPA envisions a possible 2014 completion time frame for the the Phase 1 engineering and permitting process.

SWPA Board members and supporters met October 2 to discuss the Development Agreement approval and the RFP process.  During the October 2nd meeting, the SWPA Board scheduled a 6 pm November 2nd community fundraiser at the Odd Fellows' Hall to celebrate the signing of the Development Agreement. "There will a whitewater park update and food and beverages," SWPA Project Manager Breann Westfall said, " We'll get posters out next week and get things more organized. It's going to be an informal celebration but we hope to get as many people there as possible."

SWPA will meet October 9th to continue the Phase 1 planning process. Regular SWPA monthly meetings are scheduled at 5:15 pm for the first Tuesday of each month at the Odds Fellows’ Hall on Main Street. The public is always welcome. 

The Development Agreement includes a clause noting “The parties agree to negotiate the terms of any future phases of the Salmon Whitewater Park in good faith...(and)...Upon written mutual agreement of the parties this Agreement may be amended to include future phases of the Salmon Whitewater Park, such as construction and maintenance phases.” The Development Agreement has an initial term of three years with an option to renew for up to three one year periods.

The Development Agreement states that SWPA’s will develop the RFP for Final Engineering Plans; engage and pay for the Final Engineering Plans; assign members of its committee to be on a panel to select a qualified engineering firm to complete the Final Engineering Plans and continue to work with its contractors to complete background environmental and hydrological data for the preparation of required permits. The data will be shared with the City. The agreement also notes that SWPA will maintain records of donations, record volunteer labor hours and without further request from the City will provide copies of those records every six months during the agreement period. 

As for the City of Salmon’s part, the Development Agreement says The City will assign members of its staff and/or elected officials to be on a panel to review the draft RFP for Final Engineering Plans and to select a qualified engineering firm to complete Final Engineering Plans. The City will also provide detailed specifications regarding water works improvements, water rights, and other information as requested to the firms selected to complete the Final Engineering Plans and permitting requirements for the Salmon Whitewater Park.

The agreement makes very clear that the City will not be responsible for any funding for the Salmon Whitewater Park Project. Finally, the agreement stipulates that after review and acceptance of Phase 1 engineering deliverables, the City will own all rights to the master, design and engineering plans for the Salmon Whitewater Park.
The Boise Whitewater Park - Photo courtesy of Idaho River Sports.

The Salmon Whitewater Park design will incorporate three wave features ranging in size from intermediate to an advanced feature. None of the wave features span the entire river and all will ensure safe passage for river users and fish. The two whitewater parks opened this year in Idaho include one in Boise and another the  North Fork of the Payette River near Cascade. Both proved very popular and drew heavy usage throughout the 2012 summer boating season.

More information can be found at the SWPA's website: 
The website has an excellent FAQ about the project located here:

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