Monday, September 10, 2012

Salmon River Mustang Fire line

Above is a graphic of the Mustang Fire Complex as of September 8th.  We added an "X" - "Y" to show the length of the fire line along The Salmon River.  This fire line starts alongside the river at Indianola and extends at least 16 miles into the wilderness below Corn Creek.

We contacted the Mustang Fire Info to attempt have them calculate the length of the fire line along the river.  No luck.  So, we used the river runner's guide to that stretch of river and interpolated as best we could.  We're certain that the fire line along the river is in excess of 50 lineal miles.  How much more than 50 miles is conjectural but it could be as many as 55 or more miles.  Likewise, we do not if or how far the fire has burned into the Nez Perce National Forest.

Along much of the line, the fire has burned right down to the road or the river itself.  It's pretty safe to say that the vegetation is mostly or totally burned away from those south-facing slopes along "river right" for  length roughly equal to the distance between Challis and Stanley.

Within the last 24 hours, the Salmon Challis Nat'l Forest posted the photo below of some river runner kids using a water gun and pickle bucket to try to "fight" the fire next to the river.  There won't really be any way to know for quite some time the full extent of how the river's right shoreline was affected the fire.  If this photo is an indication of possible wider affects, the Mustang Fire may have reached close to the river's edge in many areas.

Click here for the Mustang Fire InciWeb site.
Click here for the SCNF Flickr album that contains the public domain photo below.
Photo below taken August 17 by Russ Lewis

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