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Articles Ahead

Every now and then we pause to post up a list of articles on our "to do" list.  Putting such a list out in public on the website does two things: A) It provides real motivation to dig in and tackle those articles and B) it provides a level of accountability.  We actually do look back at these lists to see how well we did in trying to cross off as many articles as possible.

For example, the last time we did this was back BHF. (BHF = Before Halstead Fire).  You can click here to see whether we wrote any of the articles we said we were going to.

OK, let's dive right in and list what we hope to write in the days and weeks ahead

Steelhead, Steelhead and more Steelhead

Fishermen just can't seem to get enough when it comes to steelhead.  There's something about those fish that really "hooks" fishermen.  Even during the Halstead Fire, we've been adding to our steelhead coverage.  You can bet steelhead will be part and parcel of this website for as long as it exists. (Update 9/29/12) Just did an article for the main website.

Fires' affect on fisheries

Both the Halstead and the Mustang have created affects on the landscape, ecosystem and watershed of The Salmon River that will have impacts on the fisheries.  We will do our best to learn about and explain those impacts and how they are being mitigated. (9/29) Not sure if we are going to be able to do a stand-alone article on this topic.  can't find anyone to talk about the subject.

Dugout Dick

Richard Zimmerman may have died in the Spring of 2010 but his legacy is just now beginning to come to life.  Idaho Falls Post-Register Publisher Roger Plothow is taking the lead to develop a full-fledged, multi-faceted memorial describing and honoring the late, great Salmon River Caveman.  It's likely we will have an article at least every quarter on this topic, probably more often than that. (9/29) Have lots of material--waiting for clearance to proceed some one of the Major Players.

Salmon Whitewater Park

We're waiting for the Mustang Mayhem to fade away before we do our next SWP article,.  We hadplanned to do an SWP article every 4-6 weeks but it simply wouldn't be appropriate to revisit the project until the Mustang rides off into the winter snows. (9/29) Second article is complte--waiting for approval of final review before publication.


This is going to be a GREAT series of articles that might span the years ahead.  First, we're going to feature the Stanley Library and their exciting development.  Then we're going to profile the Challis and Salmon Libraries.  The real fun part will be when we start a collaborative project to compile a comprehensive Salmon River bibliography and also to actually write reviews on each of the books that discuss and describe Salmon Country. (Update 9/17/12)  We posted an article on the new Stanley Community Library today.


We definitely WILL be writing about the Clayton Area Heritage Assn. but it probably won't be until the snow flies. (9/29) This has been moved into the "Winter To Do" list.


One wonders what Sawtooth Country would be like without the 40-year-old Sawtooth Interpretive and Historical Assn.  It's going to take several articles to describe all the projects SIHA is involved in.
(9/29) This has been moved into the "Winter To Do" list.

North Custer Historical Society

This is the formal name for the Challis Museum located on Main Street.  The members of  group are always involved in intriguing projects.  It will be fun to tell their continuing story.
(9/29) This has been moved into the "Winter To Do" list.

Lemhi Cty. Historical Society

The Lemhi County Historical Society is one of the venerable institutions in Salmon City and Lemhi County.  We anticipate writing stories about them for years to come.
(9/29) This has been moved into the "Winter To Do" list.

North Fork

It's too bad the Mustang grabbed the spotlight this year.  There are really exciting things happened at what is widely known as the North Fork Store but is actually now called The Village at North Fork.  We can hardly wait to tell their story after the Mustang events ends.
(9/29)  Now that fall steelhead season is underway, it's time to revisit this topic.


The creative partnership between the cobalt mining company Formation Capital and the Idaho Conservation League is getting great things down  in the Salmon River watershed.
(9/29) We should have this article done and posted in October.

Tribal Fishing Regulations and Practices

If we get anything done on this story in the next couple of years, it's probably going to be either a fluke or a miracle or both.  It might be easier to get the combination to the safe at Fort Knox.
(9/29) This has been moved into the "Winter To Do" list.

Old Sawmill Station

Those good ol' boys who run Old Sawmill Station are walkin', talkin' stories all by themselves.  By and by, we're pretty certain we're gonna coax some real whopper fishing and hunting stories out of each one of them.
(9/29) We will be tweaking OSS's website but those stories will have to wait until our May 2013 trip.

Idaho Center

The geographical center of Arizona is located not far from the Custer Lookout.  It's going to be a fun story to write.
(9/29) This has been moved into the "Summer 2013 To Do" list.


The ongoing Yankee Fork Rehabilitation Project will be with us forever, at least as far as we can tell.  We'd like to explain and illustrate this project on a regular basis.  Although the Halstead Fire set the project back, we have every expectation it's the "real deal" and is going to start moving rocks and water soon.
(9/29) Lots to report here--they are moving dirt now. This article is at the top of our list.


Two new RAPs are coming online this fall--Deadman Hole and Carmen Bridge.  Both are unique and exciting in their own right. (RAP = River Access Point)
(9/29) Deadman Hole article posted 9/28.  Waiting for a call back on Carmen.

East Fork RAP

Trouble could loom ahead for the informal East Fork RAP on river left downstream from the Hwy 75 East Fork bridge.  Two new bridges are going to get built there and that important RAP might disappear in the shuffle.  See below.
(9/29)  We plan to visit the Rigby IDT office in early October to get more information.

IDT Bridge Project

IDT isgoing to begin construction on two bridges at once.  One will cross the East Fork and the other nearby structure will span the Salmon.  It's going to take one or more stories just to describe the construction process.
(9/29)  We plan to visit the Rigby IDT office in early October to get more information.

Fire stories

Even though the Halstead and Mustang are certain to be snuffed when it snows, there's bound to be stories that are the stuff of legend arising from the ashes of those conflagrations.
(9/29) Taking a break from fire stories.  We're "burned out" on writing about forest fires.

Fire Cost wrapups

We will be doing a very detail final fire fighting cost wrap for each fire showing the various categories of expenses, etc.
(9/29) Taking a break from fire stories.  We're "burned out" on writing about forest fires.

BAER Teams

BAER = Burned Area Emergency Rehabilitation.  When the BAER Teams arrive, that's going to be a news item all to itself.
(9/29) Taking a break from fire stories.  We're "burned out" on writing about forest fires.

Economic impact on outfitters/tourism business

How did the fires impact the economies of Salmon River communities and businesses.  This is a coplex story that may take a long time to tell, depending on how talkative people are about it.
(9/29) Taking a break from fire stories.  We're "burned out" on writing about forest fires.

BLM River Guide

The Challis BLM has been trying to do a mile-by-mile river guide for the last couple of years.  What's going on with this project and will it ever get done?
(9/29) This has been moved into the "Winter To Do" list.

Regime Change in Forests

Believe it or not, the Forest Service is now attempting to tell us that what we are seeing with all these fires is simply a really long-term "regime change" in the National Forests.  Gone might be the trees only to be replaced with rangelands or maybe pinyon-juniper forests.  It's a very interesting story that's just beginning to see daylight in the media.
(9/29)  We've totally back-burnered this topic.  Maybe next year.

Water Year Report

Yes, we know it's boring for most readers but some of us find such things as Water Year Reports wildly fascinating!  The Water Year runs from October 1st through the following September 30th.
(9/29)  Will post ASAP after October 1st.

SBV Grill

Shannon Orr did an outstanding job breathing new life into the Sunbeam Village Grill this year.  When the Halstead Fire hit, she didn't blink or miss a beat and fed the Loon Creek Spike Camp for 17 days.  She has quite a story and we plan to tell it whenever she has time to collaborate.
(9/29) We talked with Shannon at length and hope to have the story soon.

SBV Doug Fenn

Sunbeam Village proprietor Doug Fenn is sure to have an epic story about how the Halstead affect his Village and his White Otter River Company.  Once the ash settles we hope to hear and write Doug's story.
(9/29) This has been moved into the "Summer 2013 To Do" list.

The River Company

David and Heather Denning are running a unique river outfitter operation.  It's all about Families in way more ways than one.  We'd really like to define the "new" Salmon River Country in terms of the people who have chosen to live their lives along the amazing Salmon River.  Doug and Heather's story is special and will be a very fun read. (9/29) This story will get published in Spring 2013.

Kasino Club

We've learned a lot about the Kasino Club during the Halstead Fire and we're looking forward to writing a story about it soon. (9/29) This has been moved into the "Summer 2013 To Do" list.

Take It To The Bank:
Salmon River People

As mentioned about with The River Company, our long term goal is to help redefine the Salmon River by its people--those who are making a stand, so to speak, along its banks.  In the Old Days, Salmon River Country was often defined by the eccentrics such as Dugout Dick and others who are prominently featured in various books about Salmon Country.  Today, however, things have changed.  There's a New Generation populating the banks of The Salmon River.  They are here to stay and are putting down deep roots.  We want to tell the stories of these people as they are without doubt a driving force in the future of The Salmon River. (9/29) This has been moved into the "Summer 2013 To Do" list.

McCoy's Tackle Shop

We'd suppose there's a file cabinet stuffed with articles about McCoy's  So why not add another one to the files? (9/29) This has been moved into the "Summer 2013 To Do" list.

The Bent Rod

There might not be as many articles about The Bent Rod in Challis as McCoy's in Stanley but The Bent Rod is just as interesting and will make a delightful story. (9/29) This has been moved into the "Summer 2013 To Do" list.

The RV Parks

Chances are most people haven't every really thought much about the private RV parks scattered along the Salmon River.  The people who run these places are the real story.  Each and every one of them is like a mini Chamber of Commerce.  For many visitors, it is the RV park proprietors who provide all the information and the perspectives those visitors ever learn about Salmon Country.  We're sure you will find the RV park folks as fascinating as we do. (9/29) This has been moved into the "Summer 2013 To Do" list.

Chambers of Commerce

Although they share common goals, each and every Chamber of Commerce in America is as singularly different as each and every snowflake falling from the sky.  The three Chambers along the Salmon River are no exception.  It's going to be very interesting to attempt to tell their stories.
(9/29) This has been moved into the "Summer 2013 To Do" list.

Public Safety  CCSO/LCSO

The two County Sheriff's Offices that serve The Salmon River are easily two of the most important organizations in the entire geographical region.  It will probably take us at least two years to fully cover what these Sheriff's do and how they do it. (9/29) This has been moved into the "Summer 2013 To Do" list.


Just as each county has a Sheriff's Office, there are many Fire Protection Districts scattered through Salmon County.  They are the ones who will generally be first on the scene in case you run into trouble on the river or one of the roads nearby.  Who are the volunteers who make the FPD's tick?  How do they view the river and what are they doing to keep and improve their public safety skills.  We want to continually features these folks are they are some of the true unsung heroes serving our Salmon River communities.
(9/29) This has been moved into the "Summer 2013 To Do" list.

Well, that's about it.  We undoubtedly have forgotten a few features.  We will add them when we remember them.

Thanks for reading!  Many Cheers, jp

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