Monday, September 10, 2012

A Turning Point

Someone recently said "Fire Season" is the New Summer.  Whenever the dry lightning stalks the lodgepole pine, fires happen.  So it was with the Halstead and the Mustang Fires this season in Salmon Country.

We covered the Halstead from Day 3 of its existence.  You, our readers, have knocked our Halstead article out of the park.  In one month alone, it had 6,000 page views!

Tonight on Monday, September 10th, we think we can say both of these epic far flung fires have turned their respective corners.  All of the primary Halstead fire lines held today in the face of bold, audacious winds the likes of which send shivers into the straight spines of career fire fighters.

Meanwhile, the Mustang Fire didn't cross US Hwy 93 and that fact is cause for jubilation and celebration.

All-in-all, the work done by fire crews and fire managers in the last few days and weeks paid off today.

Everything worked the way it was supposed to.  There were no surprises.  There was no drama.

Hopefully tonight, somewhere, someplace, some fire manager(s) dusted off a cigar(s) and did the A-Team's George Peppard (John "Hannibal" Smith) routine: "I love it when a plan comes together!"

We salute Halstead and Mustang fire managers tonight.

Ya'll dun good!

THANK YOU & MANY CHEERS!  John Parsons, Salmon River News, Idaho Falls.

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