Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Upper Salmon Rainbow Trout Stocking Report

Each summer the Idaho Department of Fish & Game stocks a variety of lakes, ponds and portion of The Salmon River down to the East Fork.  Below is the official rainbow trout stocking report from August 7th to August 13th prepared by Sawtooth Fish Hatchery Educator Catherine Wiechmann (left). Ms. Wiechmann noted, "Stocking will be dwindling after this week, so tell people to get out there and fish!"

Ms. Wiechmann hosted a fish printing event at the hatchery August 11th.  She said, "It was very casual; adults and kids learned about the hatchery and how to make a fish print."

(Click here for a description of the trout species stocked by the Sawtooth Hatchery Staff.)

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