Monday, August 6, 2012

SNRA River Closures Begin August 15

Portions of The Upper Salmon River in the Sawtooth National recreation Area (SNRA) will be closed to all boating and floating to from August 15 to September 22. The closures take place each year to help protect spawning salmon.

The Buckhorn to Stanley, Mormon Bend to Yankee Fork and Torrey's Hole to the eastern SNRA boundary are off limits to any type of watercraft or floatation devices beginning Wednesday, August 15.

The SNRA also establishes "Quiet Zones" at Indian Riffles and Torreys Hole on August 15-28.  All river runners, including commercial outfitters, are required to portage Indian Riffles August 29 through September 2nd.

Indian Riffles is productive salmon spawning area below Lower O'Brien Campground.  Many of the Indian Riffles salmon redds can be seen from the Highway 75 overlook high above the riffles.  Lower O'Brien Campground closes completely August 15.

The riverside portions of two other campgrounds also close August 15: Riverside and Salmon River.

All portions of The Salmon River inside the SNRA are totally closed on September 3rd.  This date marks the end of the commercial rafting season.  The river reopens September 23rd.

The closure dates were provided by Staff at the Forest Service Stanley Ranger Station.

The Torrey's Hole to SNRA boundary is the stretch most commonly used by drift boats.  During the late summer low water season, the other river stretches receive very little boating usage.  Virtually all use of the Elk Creek to Torrey's Hole stretch is by licensed outfitters using durable rubber rafts and duckies.

The closure dates for 2012 are the same as last year. The closures generally receive very little publicity outside the immediate Stanley-Sawtooth-Torrey's area.

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