Monday, August 6, 2012

Final IDFG chinook salmon fishing report released

Brent Beller
The IDFG Salmon Region Office's Brent Beller sent out his final chinook salmon weekly fishing report today at 4:47 pm.  He said, "The upper Salmon River Chinook fishery is now closed. Angler effort and harvest were roughly the same this week compared to the last one. Between July 29th and August 5th, 66 adults and 4 jacks were harvested, while 81 non ad-clipped adults were released."

"The hours per Chinook caught dropped quite a bit in section 19 with anglers averaging 10 hours per Chinook which was the best rate observed during the season.  The final season totals for sections 18 and 19 combined are 799 hatchery adult Chinook harvested and 541 unclipped adult Chinook released."

"As of today (August 6th), the number that have been trapped at the Sawtooth Fish Hatchery is 2,237 hatchery adults, 228 hatchery jacks, and 335 wild. Our next creel report will be sent out Monday, October 8th for the fall steelhead season. Hope everyone enjoys the rest of the summer."

Thanks for your great weekly reports, Brent!  We're sure looking forward to your next report to kick off the fall steelhead season.  Below is the screen shot of Brent's weekly spreadsheet.  You can click on it to see a larger, much more readable version.

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