Friday, July 27, 2012

Upper Salmon Weekly rainbow Trout stocking report

We received an email notice of this week's rainbow trout stocking on The Upper Salmon River.  The easier way for us to reproduce this report is to simply "take a picture" of the incoming email and then reprint that screen "picture" here.  For more information about trout stocking administered out of the Sawtooth Hatchery and the IDFG Salmon Region, click here.

This week's report shows a large number of trout placed between Valley Creek and Yankee Fork.  There are lots of good roadside fishing spots along this stretch through the canyon.  Now that the river's flow has dropped significantly to 889 cubic feet per second at Yankee Fork, it's much easier for fishermen to get out in the river.  The slower current speed also makes it possible to fish tighter spots in the riffles and rapids that make the Valley Creek to Yankee Fork stretch so intriguing and fun.

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