Monday, July 30, 2012

Sunbeam Village Grill

The Sunbeam Village Grill is back in business this summer with burgers, beer and ice cream just in time for the incoming tide of fishermen, rafters, campers, tourists and local residents.  Highly-regarded Ketchum-Sun Valley chef Shannon Orr leased the grill  from Sunbeam Village proprietor Doug Fenn.  When Shannon gets involved in a project she doesn't do anything half way. She's "all in" and it sure shows with the shine she's put into the Sunbeam Village Grill, now one of  the coolest hang out spots along The Upper Salmon River.

The restaurant's motto is "Quality Food with a Wilderness Backdrop."  Shannon's burgers, brews and sides worth the drive from any where. When we first met Shannon up on The East Fork in 2006, we felt she was going to put down roots someplace in Salmon Country.  To have her set up shop in Sunbeam Village is a great tribute to the area's future potential.
Shannon and her Staff serve up great burgers with all the fixin's and sides.
Rachel and Doug are ready to take your order at the Sunbeam Village Grill.

"We're having such a wonderful time here," Shannon reports. "We supported the Custer days event this year and hosted an August Moon Open Mic Night," Shannon said, "So many people want and seem  to need a place to shine their talents. I say come on ."  If you are looking for an awesome little road house dishing up great burgers and brews, this is the place!  SBV Grill will be open until September 5. For more information: 208-838-2326 Email:
The Sunbeam Village Grill's building has a long history.  It's beginning a whole new chapter now.
There's a great patio dining area.
If the patio's not right for you, give these great shade trees a try.
If The Great Outdoors happens to be raining or blowing hard, the indoor dining's just right.
Shannon and her Staff are a happy crew.

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Mary Paige Summer said...

I love Sunbeam! I spent a ton of my childhood in those mountains. My grandmother had a cabin just past the store. What a beautiful place! I sooo want to come back. Thanks for not abandoning it!!