Sunday, July 1, 2012

Spotlight on Sunbeam

Sunbeam, Idaho, is the unofficial gateway to The Land of The Yankee Fork.  Sunbeam Village sits perched on an alluvial terrace only a couple hundred yards from the Yankee Fork's confluence with The Salmon River. The Yankee Fork is one of The Upper Salmon River's largest tributaries. People have probably been stopping at this special spot for a few thousand years. When gold fever struck the Yankee Fork watershed at Bonanza, Custer and up Jordan Creek, what's now Sunbeam became a natural "rest area" for miners, freighters, hunters, fishermen and early tourists.  Sunbeam's fortunes have ebbed and flowed throughout the past 130 years, give or take a few.  Sunbeam's once again a popular spot during the chinook salmon fishing season that's underway this summer. Luckily for today's visitors, Sunbeam is on the upswing.  Two energetic entrepreneurs are breathing fresh air into the little hamlet.  Also, the nearby Yankee Fork Rehabilitation Project appears set to evolve into an exciting, historic new chapter for the area.

Since Sunbeam will be the focus of a lot of attention this summer and in years to come, we're describing the area with a series of articles below.  We suspect you will find our "Spotlight on Sunbeam" series helpful in better understanding this interesting location.  We also hope the articles also prompt you to stop at Sunbeam on your next trip along The Salmon River. Spend some time; spend some money and shine your own spotlight on Sunbeam!

In the Google Map screen shot below: 1) Sunbeam Village; 2) Sunbeam Grill; 3) Sunbeam Dam; 4) Sunbeam Dam overlook parking and toilets; 5) Stairs to river level; 6) Turnoff to Yankee Fork RAP; 7) Yankee Fork boat ramp. (Note: You can click on any of the photos to see larger versions.)

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