Saturday, July 14, 2012

Section 18 - East Fork to Challis Bridge

Here is Part II of the experiment we started Friday evening.  This Google Map covers the East Fork to Challis Bridge portion of Section 18.  We have put some links into the push pin information so you can click off to longer stories about some of the features in this stretch.

We're not giving away any State Secrets by naming Deadman Hole.  It's a prominent chunk of geology right smack dab next to ID Hwy 75.  It's signed, named and has been a popular RAP forever.  The BLM is doing an extreme makeover of the RAP infrastructure there.  If the project is underway, expect reduced or even zero parking as well as typical weekday construction congestion.

The other big factor in the upper half of Section 18 is the "busy water" located at a major irrigation diversion structure as described in the bottom of this article about the opening of Section 18 to salmon fishing.  You can click here to read the article.

As usual, we invite and welcome comments and ideas on how to make this map better and more useful for you.  Thanks for reading.  jp

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