Friday, July 13, 2012

Section 18 - Challis Bridge to Ellis

This is an experimental article here. We are working on a "clickable" Google Map to attempt to explain The Salmon River from Challis Bridge to Ellis.

Section 18 actually stretches from the East Fork to Ellis but we will describe that upper half of Section 18 in a different article. This is all about the lower half of Section 18

Anyway, below is the Google Map. Supposedly, you can click on any of the push pins and read what we wrote. Supposedly, we can embed photos and other stuff into each pin's description. We haven't got that far along on our learning curve here tonight.

 The bottom line of what we are trying to do with this Google Map thing is show the general layout of the Challis-Ellis stretch of The Salmon River in Section 18. Section 18 is almost entirely alluvial geology with very little instream bedrock. The river hasn't had much chance to scour deep holes in or near what few bedrock outcrops do exist.

As you know, the gravel alluvium tends to find its own equilibrium after each spring runoff cycle. Remember the old saying about gold? "Gold is where you find it." Well, the same adage applies to fishing this stretch of river--"Fish are where you find them." There might be a nice hole here and there on this stretch and there might not, depending on how the transitory alluvium actually laid down after this year's spring snow melt. We suspect that folks who like a good challenge would find this stretch of river very quirky and very intriguing.

We suspect this stretch probably fishes a lot better for steelhead than it does for chinooks.

One thing we can tell you for sure about it is that it's considered to be one of the Top Five finest floats along the 148-mile stretch of river between Stanley and North Fork. The Challis Bridge-Watts Bridge stretch has earned it's name as "The Cocktail Stretch" for a reason. So, even if you don't catch fish here, you can still sure have some mighty fine fun.

View Challis Bridge in a larger map

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