Saturday, July 21, 2012

Saturday Morning At Deadman

We've been focusing quite a bit lately on Deadman Hole in Section 18.  There's two reasons: A) We have our own Deadman Hole Reporter (DHR) and B) the "buzz" is that Deadman is one of the few places to catch chinook in Section 18.  We are quite curious as to the fishing pressure there so we asked our DHR, Stephen N. to have a "look-see" from the up rive side of Deadman this morning.  Being a Saturday, we figured maybe it might have some fishing pressure.

About the only thing our DHR saw was one guy fishing from near the top of the rock and some other people who may or may not have been fishermen "thinking" about fishing from the top of the rock.  We've never reeled in a fish up that far vertically out of the water.  We suspect it would be quite a chore with a 20-30 pound chinook on the end of the line.  Wouldn't you love to get a video of someone reeling a chinook up the face of that rock?

We don't know how deep it really is in Deadman Hole.  We suspect it's pretty deep below the face of that rock.  One of these days, we'll drop a weight on a string down there and see just how deep it really is.  Maybe we could sponsor a contest called "How Deep Be Deadman?"

All kidding aside, Deadman has long been a productive fishing hole and there's every reason to believe it's going to continue to be productive forever.  Thanks for reading & Happy Fishing, jp
 Our DHR, Stephen took a long shot to show how the Deadman Rock is situated in its little nook on the river.
 This shot gives a much better idea of the extent of the hole at Deadman Hole.  High water is pretty much slamming the right side of this rock.  There's an extensive pile of driftwood off to the right of the big eddy. A few years ago, somebody even built a make shift leanto out of the drift wood down there.
Here's the crop we did to show the people on top of the rock.  Click the photo and you will get a much larger version so you can see the people better.

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