Thursday, July 5, 2012

Idaho Canoe Club floats Upper Salmon River

The scene above is the ICC Facebook page banner.

More than three dozen members of the Boise-based Idaho Canoe Club (ICC) headed to the Sawtooth Valley last weekend to float the far Upper Salmon River. ICC members have made the club trek on this stretch an annual tradition for several years.  It's newsworthy for the SRI website that the group floated a seldom-used reach of river located above the Sawtooth Hatchery.  As you can see from ICC member Andrew Roman's fine photos, this looks like a great stretch of river.  The views are awesome   (Thanks for allowing us to use your pictures, Andy!)

Most folks paddle from no farther upriver than Buckhorn Bridge. Buckhorn is situated perhaps a mile down river from the hatchery.   Likewise most folks heading to The Upper Salmon plan to run stretches such as Stanley-Mormon Bend; Mormon Bend-Elk Creek; Elk Creek-Torrey's Hole, etc.  Seeing Andy's great photos of folks having so much fun so far upstream makes us want to go check it out.

ICC members mostly hang out on a Facebook group page.  (If you have a FB account, click here to go to ICC's page.)There are over 220 members of the online group.  ICC is an affiliate of the American Canoe Association.  The club is very active both locally and within a day's drive of the Boise metroplex. You can click here for the ICC website. It's great to see such a large number of club members sharing the camaraderie that only a special river can bring to such an annual get together.  While in Sawtooth Country, some of the ICC members also paddled a section of Valley Creek through Stanley.  Others paddled the Stanley to Mormon Bend run as well.

The heavily used raft and kayak sections of The Upper Salmon River are in near perfect form right now. Today's flow at Yankee Fork is 1790 cfs (4.33 on the gauge).  The river's dropping on a steady, seasonal glide path downward.  Right now it's 300 cfs above its median flow and is providing clean, fluffy, fun whitewater.  The commercial outfitters are at their peak o' the season and Life is Good on The Upper Salmon River.
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Idaho Canoe Club-Salmon River-July 2012

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