Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Fishing for Info

As the 2012 Chinook Salmon Fishing Season moves toward its inevitable peak within the next few weeks, it's time to discuss how we attempt to gather information about "whazzup" along The Upper Salmon River.

Here's how we are trying to develop our sources.

First, you can pretty much forget about contacting anyone below the Royal Gorge Resort.  Information is already sketchy at best by thetime it works that far down river from the fishable areas of Sections 18 & 19.

Let's start at the top.  The first "go to" place is McCoy's in Stanley.  If they don't know about it, it doesn't exist.  The Stanley Chamber of Commerce did great webpage for them.  You can find it by clicking here.

We have various other sources in Sawtooth Country, including, of course IDFG and the Sawtooth Hatchery.

Moving down river, the next place we check is the Sunbeam Village Grill.  Shannon Orr there is trying to keep an "ear" to her fishermen customers.  She's mega-busy serving up her awesome burgers and brews so it's hard to get current information out of her each day.  But when she talks, we listen.  You can click here for the article we wrote on Shannon's Place.

Our next down river source is a Dear Friend who lives near the Thompson Creek confluence.  If Mike doesn't know "whazzup" then on one does.

Not far downriver from Mike's Place is the Old Sawmill Station.  This is THE place we'd recommend you go to learn about anything and everything relating to The Upper Salmon River.  The people who run this place are The Real Deal.  They are the "locals" of LOCAL.  They aren't imported workers, they have lived in this region for generations and they know everything there is to know.  Period.

Trouble is when I call them up to ask about how's it going with the chinook season, Dana will say, "Fishing's real good."  Well, 'bout some details?"  And Dana says, "Everybody's smiling."  I guess there's your sign.

Moving on down river, we have Clark Morley at the East Fork Campground (AKA: BLM East Fork Recreation Site.)  If Clark ain't heard it, it probably hasn't happened yet.

Then we move on down to Tunnel Rock (AKA: Malm Gluch).  This spot is just below Deadman Hole.  Our source there, Stephen N. has a keen ear and eye to all that happens at Deadman.

From there we move to Challis and we have lots of sources to consult there.  We're trying to get the local outdoor store involved: The Bent Rod.  You can click here for their website.  Their phone number is correct but the real email is:

We also glean a lot of great information from an Old School Outfitter in the Challis area.  They would prefer to remain anonymous at this time bu they have been providing us with awesome information.  THANK YOU!

Down river from Challis, there's only one GO TO information source--Duane Wilson, the legendary campground host at the BLM Cottonwood Recreation Site.  If Duane doesn't know about it, it doesn't exist.

Duane from Cottonwood and Clark from the East Fork are definitely related but we can't share the details here.  You will have to learn them on your own.

Well, that's about it.  You know our sources and you are more than welcome to mine them in your own way.
All of the 2012 chinook season is in Custer County.  The Custer County line ends just right at the Pahsimeroi.  None of Lemhi County is included in this year's season--it's a Custer County thing.

(Note for Nit Pickers: The Blaine County line is many miles up river from the Sawtooth Hatchery.)

The Upper Salmon River's Custer and Lemhi Counties are easily The Two Best Counties Known To Mankind! Below is Custer County's official "promo video."

We're sure you will enjoy it!

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