Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Deadman Hole update

Our latest update from The Deadman Hole Reporter Stephen N. shows the scene Thursday morning.  Stephen said he counted 8 vehicles and no boats.  The BLM makeover project is underway but hasn't impacted access to Deadman Hole's River Access Point.  Boaters can still use the old ramp there.  You can begin to see the on-the-ground outlines of the Recreation Site improvements as described in our article here.

The photo below is a few days old. You can easily see why a boat is about the only way to fish Tunnel Rock.  It's private property there on teh shoreline above the rocks and they are very steep and vertical.  For those with a burning desire to know, the Deadman and Tunnel Rock outcrops are andesite lava presumably from the Challis Volcanics.  Lava made from andesite makes smooth-sided blocks of lava. Blocks are formed by andesite because it is less viscous than basalt. That means that it is thicker and cools off slower than basalt. The thick andesite lava flows slowly. Strato volcanoes usually erupt lava made of andesite. Lava domes are made of andesite lava.

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