Thursday, July 19, 2012


We are working on several articles right now.  All of them are slow to come together.  Here's a rundown on what's ahead.

Tribal Fishing

We'd like to better understand the Shoshone-Bannock Tribal Treaty Rights relating to fishing as well as the Tribe's fishing regulations and fishing techniques.  It's a very complicated story so we might break it into several articles.

(Status as of 9/12/12) This article is going to take months, if not years, to tackle. At this point, we're not even sure how to go about it since the key person from the SBT won't return our phone calls.

Whitewater Park

Salmon's Riverfest may be an annual thing but efforts to create a Whitewater Park in downtown Salmon are ongoing all year.  What's the latest?  

(Status as of 9/12/12)  We finished the article and as of today it is the 2nd most read article on the website, ranking only behind the Halstead.  It's on track to be the first non-Halstead article is go over 200 page views.


Cobalt miners and environmentalists have been working together four years to the benefit of watershed projects in Lemhi County.  How did this partnership form and what's it been doing?

(Update as of 9/12/12)  Preston Rufe at FCO has helped us get all the background articles necessary to do this article.  We're hoping to have it done by the end of September.

Clayton Heritage

Clayton Heritage Day is coming up July 28th.  The signs on either side of Clayton once said "Population 26" and now they say "Population 7."  What's up with Clayton?

(Update as of 9/12/12)  We served as the Chili Cookoff Judge July 28th. Once the Halstead coverage got underway, we put this one on the back burner (pun intended) until the smoke dies down.

Sawmill Station

Anybody who's ever been to Salmon Country knows Sawmill Station.  However, do they know about the people who created and run the place?  We're going to get that story late this month and it will come out in early August.

(Update as of 9/12/12)  We did do a real nice pictorial story on Old Sawmill.  You can click on their ad in the left column to read it.  We plan on adding more material to this "story" within the next few weeks.

Idaho Center

We've heard the geographical center of Idaho is located in Custer County close to The Upper Salmon River.  Where is it and how can you get there?

(Update as of 9/12/12)  We put a lot of time into this story and planned to hike to the Center Point in early August.  Unfortunately, the Halstead Fire closure area include the Center site.


Will the Yankee Fork Rehabilitation Project actually start moving rocks and water this year?

(Update as of 9/12/12) The Challis Messenger's Anna Means and Todd Adams helped continue our coverage on this newsworthy project by letting us use one of their stories.

North Fork

We plan to spend at least a couple of nights at North Fork on this next trip.  We'll come back with one article for sure but hopefully more than one about the down river end of this website's coverage area.

(Update as of 9/12/12)  We did indeed spend some time at North Fork in early August and gathered a LOT of story material.  It simply wouldn't be a good time to do this story until the Mustang Fire is dead out.

Next Trip

Those are the primary article on our "to do" list.  Our next trip to Salmon Country begins July 27th and ends August 4th.  Each time we visit we roam from Sawtooth Valley down to lower Lemhi, we come back with gobs of stuff to use on this website.  Lately, the we've been spending most of our time on things relating to the chinnok return and harvest.  As the salmon fishing season winds down, we will be able to shift our focus and devote more time to all the other fun stuff there is to write about.  Thanks for reading & Many Cheers, jp

(Update as of 9/12/12)  It was a great trip to Salmon Country from July 27-August 4th.  We still have a lot of material sitting unused from that trip.

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