Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Yankee Fork-Elk Creek RAPs

Technically, there are two RAPS below the confluence of The Salmon River and its major tributary, the Yankee Fork.  The uppermost of these two RAPs is named "Yankee Fork" and the lower is "Elk Creek."
Many people simply refer to either or both of these RAPS as "Yankee Fork."

The upper RAP is very small and generally thought to be suitable for kayakers.  The lower RAP is large and well developed. It is used primarily by licensed commercial rafting outfitters who launch for a trip through the rated rapids downstream.  During the peak of the rafting season it can be very difficult to find a parking spot here.

Neither immediate up or down stream stretch of river here is suitable for casual novice boating.  The river above this point can be extremely hazardous.  Likewise, the stretch below this RAP contains its own menu of dangers.  In our opinion, no one should attempt to boat either stretch--above or below--these pair of RAPs unless they are exceptionally well equipped, experienced, trained and qualified.  For a list of commercial outfitters permitted and licensed to run either of these stretches see the "Outfitters" page in the links below this website's banner.

There is a Class III rated rapid immediately below the Elk Creek RAP called "Piece of Cake."  If traffic and parking conditions safely permit, there's some great spectator sport viewing of rafts passing through this fluffy piece of whitewater.

The general area of the Elk Creek RAP is located in the vicinity of Highway 75 Milepost 203.2

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