Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Whiskey Flat RAP

Whiskey Flat is not really a normal RAP in the traditional sense.  It's a campground next to the river. We don't think there's any easy way to launch or land a drift boat here.  However, it's probably suitable for use with a small pontoon or a light weight inflatable raft.  We will take a much closer look at this site on our upcoming trip to Salmon Country.  The turnoff into this site seems to be at Highway 75 Milepost 213.4 just upstream from the recently rebuilt bridge over The Salmon River.

The highway distance downstream to Squaw Creek is 6.1 miles. The highway distance upstream of Torrey's Hole is 2.75 miles.  It's likely that river mileages are slightly higher than the highway mileages.

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