Saturday, June 30, 2012

Whazzup with salmon fishing season?

The chinook salmon fishing season officially opened June 23rd--a week ago today.  We know precious little about how the season is progressing.  We personally visited the Pahsimeroi Hatchery on June 21.  We were told it was the first day they had checked their trap and they only had six chinooks.  We also visited the Sawtooth Hatchery on June 19 and there were no chinooks. We visited the East Fork Weir and likewise--no chinooks.  We heard from a couple of seasoned observers that chinooks had been seen in some deep pools near the Yankee Fork.  The only true credible report we have to pass on was printed in Rob Thornberry's column in the June 28th edition of the Post-Register in Idaho Falls.  Rob said 9 chinooks were reported caught on opening weekend, mostly near the Yankee Fork confluence.  Since then the IDFG website has been down for days.  The inability to access the IDFG website highlights our collective reliance on the internet as our main source of wildlife information.  Although the main IDFG website appears to be "down for the count" we did resurrect a great video that IDFG did back in 2008 when the chinook season was reopened on The Upper Salmon River after a 30 year hiatus.  The video is embedded below.  You can click here to view the video as seen from the official IDFG link.  One glance at the video will tell you why people are hitting hard the Yankee Fork confluence and Sunbeam Dam.

We will have a more detailed report about Sunbeam Village in an article to be posted soon.

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