Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Torrey's Hole RAP

The Torrey's Hole RAP often qualifies as Grand Central Station on The Upper Salmon River.  It is heavily used by licensed commercial rafting outfitters as well as the general public.  It is the largest and most well developed RAP on The Upper Salmon River.  There is a very large parking area, toilets, a wide paved ramp into the river, large turning radius as well as excellent safe ingress and egress from Highway 75.  The only other public RAPs that come close to the level of improvement at Torrey's Hole are Corn Creek, North Fork, Shoup Bridge, Challis Bridge and possibly Bayhorse. A case could be made that Torrey's Hole is the best RAP on The Salmon River above the Frank Church.  Despite the large size of this RAP it can become very crowded when incoming commercial rafting trips all bunch up at the end of the day.  If this year's salmon fishing season turns hot at the same time the outfitters are enjoy a crush of paying customers, you can expect gridlock at Torrey's Hole.  Be forewarned.

We have some photos of Torrey's but can't find them this morning.  We'll take some new photos next weekend and post them soon.  Torrey's is located at Highway 75 Milepost 210.65.  The RAP is 8.85 high way miles upstream from the Squaw Creek RAP.  (Torrey's is 9.7 river miles upstream from Squaw Creek.)

The river above Torrey's (down to Lower O'Brien Campground) is considered a whitewater stretch of river suitable only for boaters who have proper equipment, safety gear and, above all, experience and training in navigating rated whitewater rapids.  It is not recommended for novice boaters and should not be attempted unless you are very well prepared.

The closest major public access upstream from Torrey's Hole is located just downstream from the Yankee Fork confluence at Highway Milepost 203.2.  It is approximately 8 miles by river from the Yankee Fork area RAP to Torrey's.  If you are interested in fishing that stretch of river, we strongly urge you to use the services of a licensed commercial outfitter utilizing proper equipment in the hands of skilled, knowledgeable professional guide(s).

There is a small portion of the river, perhaps 2.0-2.5 miles between Lower O'Brien Campground and Torrey's that might be suitable for paddlers using a small pontoon cat or an inflatable raft.

The stretch from Torrey's downstream is definitely mellow compared to what one would encounter upstream.

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