Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Stanley RAP

The Stanley RAP is also known as the "Salmon River Bridge" RAP.  It's blatantly obvious once you known where it is but can be a little stealthy to see for your first time.  It lies between the intersection of Highways 75 and 21 and the Confluence of Valley Creek and The Salmon River.  The RAP is not far above where Valley Creek comes into the Salmon.  There's a small one-lane bridge across the Salmon here that accesses private property on river right.

The RAP is mostly unimproved.  There is a signboard and a permit register box, that's about it.  The site is not hardened and parking is limited.  Turning radius is barely adequate.  Getting a heavy hard hulled boat into the river will require a lot of choice words and maybe a twisted ankle or knee.  The vast majority of usage of this RAP is by people floating in inflatable watercraft.  We suspect there's places you could launch a drift boat but it's likely they are on private property.

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