Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Squaw Creek RAP

( Editor's Note: This is the second in a series of articles about RAPs (River Access Points) on The Upper Salmon River" in the area that will open to salmon fishing on June 23rd.  We started on the lower (downstream) end of this section and are working our way up river.  The RAPs we discuss here are those suitable for launching or landing a boat.  We aren't describing all of the various foot access points along the river nor RAPs on private property.  The information provided here is courtesy of the IDFG "Salmon River Access Guide" and from personal experience.)
 The Squaw Creek RAP (red "X" above) is very easy to find.  It's located exactly one mile east of Old Sawmill Station on Highway 75.  Sight distance on the highway is decent.  The turning radius is adequate.  There is some parking but it is relatively limited.  Camping is allowed at this RAP.

It is 8 river miles downstream to the East Fork RAP and 7.3 highway miles.  The Squaw Creek RAP is located 9.7 river miles downstream from the Torrey's Hole RAP and 9.1 highway miles.
Here's a view of the Squaw Creek RAP's hardened ramp.  It's not as good as some of the more modern ramps but at least it is hardened.
Typically, the main flow of the river here hugs the river left bank.  It's pretty bony right in front of the ramp itself.  Chances are flows during at least the early part of the upcoming salmon fishing season will be sufficient to clear the river cobbles here.  The bridge shown downstream is for mining use only.  The public bridge is upstream of this RAP.
Here's a scan of the page from IDFG's "Salmon Region Access Guide."(SRAG). You can click on the image to see a much larger version.  The nice thing about the SRAG guide is that it describes the actual land ownership situation and provides clear boundary delineations at each site.  Note the interpretive sign.  These signs are located at most of the RAPs from Sawtooth Valley to down below North Fork. They are of a unified style and format acceptable to the various public agencies involved in managing the resources of The Salmon River.  The signs show mileages to the nearest up and downstream RAPs as well as historical information.  Each such sign is totally top notch and a real service to river users.

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